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Switch your Energy Supplier

Did you know one of the easiest ways to go green, is to switch to a 100% green energy tariff?

It will probably also save you money on your bills.

We work with both energy suppliers and switching services, to help you find the best deal.

Find out more below on how you can switch.

Selce uses the proceeds from this service, to support people who are struggling to pay their energy bills. This is called 'fuel poverty' and 1 in 10 households in London suffer from this. 

We're working with Switchd! An automated energy switching company who keep you on the absolute best deal forever.


They have a smart computer system that checks the entire energy market every day and whenever a better deal pops up, they automatically switch you to that deal.


Switchd members save an average of £400 per year.


Check how much you could save too by visiting their website.

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