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Thermal Imaging Survey

1 hr


Register your interest for this winter

Thermal Imaging surveys require a significant difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures in order to identify where air leaks in or out and show thermal insulation defects. This means this service will not resume until approximately November when outdoor temperatures are consistently low. You can register interest now and we will contact you as soon as this service resumes.

Thermal imaging provides detailed insight into areas of missing insulation and poor energy efficiency in your home allowing you to target the key areas of heat loss and make focused purchases having the maximum effect on your budget.

Enhanced surveying is available to give room-by-room information, and our certified domestic energy assessors will talk you through what you're seeing.

Other Services

These services aren't currently bookable, but get in touch for more info.

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Whole House Plan

Price dependent on property size

Launching Soon

A whole house plan is an energy efficiency improvement strategy for the entire house, based on best practice approaches and taking into account your lifestyle, upcoming plans, and needs. This is a comprehensive plan that, accounting for your budget and interests,  you could undertake for your home to make it warm, comfortable and energy-efficient.

Our whole house plan includes a home visit where we will collect data to input into a software model, giving you estimated energy consumption and carbon emissions for your home, and then recommending the best solutions given your property type, budgets, interests and future plans, as a staggered, step by step approach.

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Community Organisations

Cost varies dependent on project scope

Get in touch for more info

More and more community organisations are now announcing a climate emergency, or implementing plans to reach net-zero carbon.

If you work with a community centre, leisure centre, housing cooperative, or other type of non-profit or community organisation, you can get advice on what actions to take to retrofit your buildings. This could consist of an energy and environmental audit, to work out your current energy use and put together an action plan to decarbonise, or a tailored package of work to seek quotes from installers, or have a retrofit coordinator do an in-person walk around with verbal advice.

Speak to our team to find out how we can assist. Fill out the form by clicking "get in touch" and we'll get back to you to organise a further discussion.

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