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  • We'll help you access funding to improve your property's EPC score.
    45 min
  • Talk to one of our trained DEAs about your project 1-1.
    1 hr
    £59 per hour
  • Talk to one of our trained DEAs about your project 1-1.
    1 hr
    £59/h + £30 callout
  • Great for if you're selling or renting your home.
    1 hr
    £59/h + £30 callout

What is a Retrofit Co-ordinator?

A Retrofit Coordinator is a qualified individual who is responsible for overseeing your retrofit journey - making sure your home receives the love and care it needs to become more energy efficient.


Retrofit Coordinators are involved in the assessment of dwellings as well as the subsequent specification, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures, in accordance with a certification called PAS 2035.

If you work with a Retrofit Coordinator they will:

  • complete a retrofit risk assessment

  • develop a retrofit plan or "whole house plan"

  • develop a further medium-term improvement plan, for implementation over a period of thirty years

  • document and manage all project progress, including any information that is supplied by you, and other retrofit stakeholders involved in the delivery of the project

If your project budget is over £10,000 we would recommend using a Retrofit Coordinator to manage your work.


EcoFurb offer a full process for retrofit coordination, from creating your plan to completing and signing off your works - our retrofit coordinators work for EcoFurb, as we are advocate members of the Retrofit Works Co-operative, and if you're living in South East London, EcoFurb will try to match you with one of our team.

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Who's Involved?

Ecofurb is a retrofit coordination service, working across London. They provide a whole-house approach to improving the energy efficiency of your home.


An Ecofurb Coordinator will talk with you and survey your home, so that they can produce your Ecofurb Plan. This report shows your home’s current performance, what you could achieve, and a phased plan taking you as close to net-zero carbon as possible.


If you are planning a renovation or multi-improvement works EcoFurb can get you quotes from our network of contractors, who are members of Retrofit Works cooperative, and they oversee the work to make sure it is completed to the required standards.

Selce's trained retrofit coordinators work for EcoFurb - so by completing your large projects with an EcoFurb Coordinator, you are supporting Selce staff. We also receive a referral fee for each person that completes their retrofit journey with EcoFurb.

If your project budget is less than £10,000, you can reach our trained retrofit coordinators, and domestic energy advisors, through our 1-1 advice service, at an hourly rate.

RetrofitWorks is a ‘not for private profit’ co-operative, matching communities & homeowners who want to retrofit their homes, with local, quality assured SME assessors and installers.

RetrofitWorks uniquely joins these groups together into two sets of key members – coming together to identify the need for & delivery of high-quality retrofit projects:


RetrofitWorks Advocates

These are organisations that represent homeowners and landlords, acting as trusted advisers on their behalf. Groups such as community groups (like us!), local authorities and other local stakeholders.

RetrofitWorks Practitioners

 These are certified companies wishing to carry out retrofit advice, assessment, design, coordination, and installation. All Practitioners are fully trained, including PAS2030 accreditation for SME businesses.


This structure transforms the traditional approach to improving properties and ensures high-quality improvements are carried out on homes - making them fit for the future!