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Power your home with renewable energy

Thinking of going green using solar panels, a heat pump, or perhaps are wanting to charge an electric vehicle at home?

There are many options for renewable energy at home.

You can speak to one of our team for trusted, impartial advice on renewable energy and smart technologies, or read some of our articles below.

Check out the Make My Home Green tool below to find out what you could install on your home, and estimated costs. Just type in your postcode to get started. This works best on a laptop or tablet.

make my house green.png

They use granular solar intensity data for your postcode and combine this with property and product data to model the output of your system to 96% accuracy.

They also model the interaction between different green solutions, such as solar, batteries, owning and EV or getting a heat pump!

The output of the model is then combined with your granular usage profile data to give a really accurate savings estimate.

Use the MakeMyHouseGreen tool for a solar PV, battery storage, or heat pump quote...

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