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Anna, Shelagh and Tanya make their home Future Fit

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

As residents of Forest Hill who have always been considerate of the environment and worked to reduce their carbon footprint and, we were very keen to join in SELCE’s local pilot to help homes in southeast London boroughs to reduce their carbon footprint.
We recently had a Home Energy Audit with Tristan and, as a result, are now looking into getting air source heat pumps to make the transition to renewable heat for our home, as well as underfloor insulation and draught-proofing interventions.
Tristan, the Energy Advisor at SELCE, is very knowledgeable and helped us to understand where in the house we need to focus the work at the moment to make it more efficient, as well as listening to our request for what we want to focus on – specifically renewable heat.
We found it very helpful to have an advisor come to our home, look at it thoroughly and discuss its condition with us. We were looking for tailored, trustworthy advice and we believe this is what we have found.

Anna, Shelagh and Tanya, Forest Hill, July 2019


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