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Haringey Homes Go Green

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We're excited to announce that as part of a brand new partnership with Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, we're extending our services north of the river!

Thanks to support from Community Energy London and the Greater London Authority, Selce has received grant funding to support us to scale up and pilot a retrofit service for homes in the Muswell Hill, Highgate and Haringey in London. This means we're working closely with the team of wonderful volunteers at Muswell Hill Sustainability Group to reach out to residents in these areas offering:

  • a half-hour telephone consultation (FREE)

  • 1-1 support remotely (£60 per hour)

  • 1-1 support in the home (£60 per hour + £30 callout charge)

  • thermal imaging surveys (£299 and upwards)

  • an EcoFurb whole house plan (£295 and upwards)

  • retrofit coordination through EcoFurb (variable)

  • tonnes of advice on our blog posts and webinars (FREE)

"Haringey residents know that by tackling home energy emissions, they can do their bit to reduce their impact on the planet. For a long time, local residents have been seeking a good home energy retrofit advice service, so we are delighted to be working with Future Fit Homes to offer this service" - Cara Jenkinson, Founder and Chair at Muswell Hill Sustianability Group

Our advice is completely impartial and tailored to residents, covering a number of aspects of energy in buildings such as energy efficiency (insulation, ventilation, building fabric) and renewable energy (solar panels, heat pumps, and more).

If you have friends and family north of the river, please spread the word!

We'd love to see the whole of London go greener and cleaner.


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