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Heat Pumps for Your Home Webinar

Heat Pumps Presentations (all speakers)
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This webinar was streamed on 10th February 2021, 6.30-8pm.

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Thinking of installing a heat pump? Wanting to find out how they work and how much they cost? All you need to know about heat pumps is here!

About this Event

Feeling the cold recently? Well hopefully you've got your central heating turned up high, or perhaps you live in a super energy efficient home and don't need it on full...

In any case, you may be interested in making use of the government's Green Homes Grant scheme to install a heat pump.

With expert guest speakers, we'll be covering what a heat pump is, and how it could benefit your home. We'll also have time for live questions and answers, where you can put your detailed or simple queries to our panel.

All donations from this event will go towards Selce's fuel poverty alleviation work, across South East London which has been extended throughout the whole of 2020 and this winter, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We'd like to say a special thanks to our guest speakers for making it all happen, and generously donating their time and expertise.

Our Speakers

Jason Blanchard

Director at Selce, and Heat Pump Expert at ISO EnergyJason is an experienced energy engineer who has worked across solar PV and more recently heat pumps within the renewables and environment industry. He is skilled in asset management, technical consultancy and project development and has a keen passion for community energy. In his current role at ISO Energy, Jason visits homes around London and the South of England, advising on and installing a range of heat pump systems. Jason is also a non-executive director at South East London Community Energy, and has worked to set up and manage community energy groups across the South of England, for which he has recieved the prestigious Community Energy Young Champion award in 2018.

Shivali Mathur

Heat Networks Specialist at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial StrategyShivali has a background in engineering and an MBA in finance from Durham Business School. She has spent over 15 years in the renewables sector, and currently works as a heat networks specialist supporting in the development of government policy around the decarbonisation of heat. She has spent most of her career at Daikin, where she was a specialist in future energy markets after becoming the int sales manager for domestic heating and renewables. Shivali is passionate about the heat sector as part of the "multi-vector" approach - which includes renewable energy generation, energy storage and low carbon transport integrated to create smart cities.

Richard Lowes

Lecturer in Energy Policy and Research Fellow at the University of ExeterTwitter celebrity @HeatPolicyRich has worked on heat decarbonisation issues for almost a decade, initially working for gas transporter SGN before moving to the University of Exeter in 2014. His expertise is around the policy and governance needed to achieve a sustainable heat system, and he also runs a sustainable heating blog. He completed his Ph.D. in Power and heat transformation policy, looking at how different actors influenced the development of the UK’s heat strategy and the GB Renewable Heat Incentive with a comparative Dutch case study. Richard is also an avid DIY-er and has installed a heat pump in his own home, in addition to a number of high energy efficiency measures.

Rona Mitchell

Innovation Project Lead - Heat, at UK Power NetworksUK Power Networks is the electricity distributor for London and the Southeast of England. The Innovation Team works to trial new technologies and identify the 'winners' which can be rolled out on a broader scale within the company. Rona is involved in supporting households to upgrade their electrical fuses - a free scheme from UKPN - which will assist in making homes fit for the future. Her work covers a wide range of themes, from increasing the efficiency of renewable generation connections to finding innovative ways of keeping the lights on more cheaply and efficiently. Right now, Rona is working on fault prediction, network flexibility and the future of heat. To find out more about UKPN's innovation work, watch this video.


6.30-6.40 – Welcome from Nadia Smith & introduction to Future Fit Homes 6.40-7.10 – Presentation - “What are heat pumps” from Jason Blanchard 7.10-7.25 – Quiz & UKPN presentation on upgrading your fuse box, from Rona Mitchell 7.25-7.55 – Panel discussion with Richard Lowes, Jason Blanchard, and Shivali Mathur. 7.55-8.00 – Future Fit Homes roundup and close from Nadia Smith

Where Your Donations Go

At South East London Community Energy, we're committed to supporting a green transition where no-one is left behind. That's why we run our fuel poverty alleviation program to support individuals that are having to choose between heating and eating. To accelerate the transition to a sustainable future in SE London, we formed Selce as a co-operative for the benefit of the community. Our founding objectives are:

  • developing community-owned renewable energy in SE London

  • reducing carbon emissions by providing advice on energy efficiency and installing energy-efficient products and services

  • developing practical measures to combat fuel poverty in our community through the provision of advice and related services

  • promoting public awareness of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability

We believe we're part of a quiet revolution - where the energy transition and social justice go hand in hand. All donations raised from this event will go into continuing our work in the community, to make London greener and cleaner, and alleviate fuel poverty.


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