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Discount code for a warmer winter!

If you, like most of us, have started turning on your heating for the winter, but are feeling that your home takes a long time to heat up, you may actually be loosing a lot of the heat you're paying for straight out of your walls. Radiator reflectors could be the quick & easy answer to this problem.

With the recent hike in gas prices, that's not a very pocket friendly, or climate friendly notion. So, we've partnered with the leading brand in radiator reflectors to help you with a small discount to tackle this issue.

Radflek is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of energy saving in the home. We've chosen to work with them because they are tried and tested - we provide these radiator reflectors to our clients in fuel poverty, and they have proven to be at least 23% more efficient than similar alternatives (louvered or saw toothed radiator reflector panels).

The best thing is, its low cost (£21.99 or more) and super easy to fit. Check out the video below to find out how these radiator reflectors work.

Use discount code "FutureFit10" for 10% off

Visit for more information

The most effective radiator reflector on the market

Listen to this South London homeowner's review of Radflek radiator reflectors and how she has been using them in her home in Penge.

A revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that reflects 95% of the wasted heat energy radiated from the rear of the radiator back into your room.

✓ Cut your heating bills

✓ Quick & easy to fit

✓ Heat loss reduced by 45%

✓ No DIY skills needed

For every purchase using our discount code Radflek donate an additional 10% of the proceeds to Future Fit Homes to continue our work in tackling climate change & alleviating fuel poverty in South East London

There are many other radiator reflector brands available on the market, which may also be cheaper. We recommend Radflek due to the high quality of the product which has been rigourously tested & proven, although this is not to say that you shouldn't explore other radiator reflector brands on the market.


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